Cookut Yaki Barbecue Party


106,00 CHF

Charcoal and water barbecue for table

Carry your barbecue everywhere to share a friendly moment !

Sharing and conviviality.
This nomadic barbecue can be used at home and can be taken anywhere. Designed to be placed directly on the table, it allows each guest to cook their ingredients together while eating and sitting around the table. 

Contains : 1 barbecue, 1 charcoal pan, 2 grids, 1 grate handle, 1 carry bag.

Proprietary technology for maximum safety
This charcoal and water barbecue is designed with a «cooling base» technology with a double-tank system: one charcoal tank and one water tank. The barbecue is cooled by thermal conduction from the metal to the water, which stores the calories without increasing much in temperature.
The barbecue can be used directly in the center of any table.

YAKI barbecue is the only barbecue with this technology that is certified to the UE standards.
After 2 hours of cooking at 250°C (482°F), tests show that the table remains cool (an increase of only 10 °C – 50°F) and has no sign of burning.

1 to 6 people

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