Cookut Lumi 4


55,50 CHF

Lumi is a set of skillets to make raclette cheese with tea-light.

Melting as fast as with the electrical device!
With Lumi raclette cheese, your cheese melts in 3 minutes just with two tea-lights. Everyone has its own skillet and can stop at any time, independant of each other.

Practical and environmentally friendly raclette set
You don’t need electricity to make your cheese melt. No more electric plug and cable going between uncle Maurice’s legs, no more excessive heat and large raclette device that takes all the place on the table.

A nomadic raclette cheese
Lumi is an innovative product by offering the possibility to carry it anywhere. You can have raclette cheese on the beach, on a picnic or watching TV!

A beautiful raclette cheese device

Forget the ugly large raclette device that leaves no space for anything else on the table. These nice individual sets will make your table look beautiful for glamorous dinners.


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