Cookut Bam Bam Toothbrush


30,00 CHF

Bamboo toothbrushes from sustainably managed forests.

Cookut launches the first ZERO WASTE product line.  Sustainability is an essential part of Cookut creative process.

That’s why we want to create sustainable products to replace everyday disposable utensils and thus make a step towards a healthier planet.

Stop plastic toothbrushes !

Bam Bam toothbrushes are made with natural bamboo from sustainable managed forests. The bamboo charcoal bristles have natural whitening effect. Bam Bam toothbrush lasts as long as a plastic toothbrush and is recyclable and biodegradable.

When traveling, you can easily carry your toothbrush is the cotton bag, avoiding dirt.

Each bag contains 8 toothbrushes. There are colors on the tip of the handles (green, pink, blue and white) so that each family member could recognize its own toothbrush !

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