Exchange & Guarantee (this policy applies to purchases destined for Switzerland only)

Upon receipt of your order you must check the condition. Items not opened or received in a defective state can be returned within 10 days from the delivery date with the original receipt and with a red remittance slip / postal account or an IBAN bank account in your name for refund. As a general rule, if the merchandise is returned to us in its original packaging and without having used it, we will refund the total value of the merchandise except shipping costs. For a specific order, a 20% tax (which may include administrative fees and applicable taxes) of the item price may be levied before refund, depending on the reason for the return.

All of our products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The duration of the warranty depends on the manufacturer and the item.

Exchange & Guarantee (this policy applies to purchases destined for countries outisde Switzerland)

Items not opened or received in a defective condition can be returned to us within 10 days from the date of delivery with the original receipt for exchange. You must notify us by e-mail (in English, German or French) to indicating which item you wish to return, the reason for the return, and what other item you would like to receive in exchange. You must wait for our confirmation e-mail, which ensures that we have received the item in stock before returning the item to be returned.

Return or exchange of products

To return or exchange a purchase :

1. Take the original receipt.

2. Circle the item you are returning or exchange and write the reason.

3. If you would like a return, please attach a red ballot / postal account or a bank account with the IBAN number in your name (Switzerland only).

4. If you would like an exchange, please indicate which item. We will cover the shipping costs.

5. Pack and insure your item in return, in the original packaging. The goods must be returned with the shipping costs duly paid, we do not accept deliveries with payment upon receipt.

Send to :
Vino Concept – Le Cellier
Avenue du Mail 17
CH -1205 Genève

Guarantees and responsibilities

We decline all responsibility in the event that the article delivered does not respect the legislation of the country of delivery.

We commit ourselves to bring all the care in use in the profession for the implementation of the service offered to the client. Nevertheless, our liability can not be withheld in case of breach of our contractual obligations as a result of a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the Swiss courts.

In case of substantial differences between the pictures of presentation of the articles on our site, texts and illustrations and the ordered articles, our responsibility will not be engaged.

We use all means at our disposal to provide the services covered by these Terms and Conditions.