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  • Berndorf Vinoble
  • Chef & Sommelier

    Chef & Sommelier is a range of wine glasses with a contemporary and revolutionary design, which provides a common olfactory pleasure without measure. The line Open Up is made of Kwarx, a new high-tech material invented by the research center Arc International.

  • Nachtmann

    Nachtmann - Fine Bavarian Crystal

  • Riedel Crystal

    Riedel Glasses are the highest quality, which comes with superior production in terms of glass color, brilliance and exceptional ring. Seams left by the mold can be gently removed through fire polishing, which gives lead crystal pieces an unsurpassed finish. The microscopic roughness of the surface of lead crystal glass helps wine to develop more intense aromas, further adding to its enjoyment.

  • Zalto Denk'Art

    Principle of the glass Zalto Denk'Art  is based on perfection. The watermarked design of the glasses Zalto asks for an extreme skill on behalf of the glass-blowers. This hand-made work reminds us of the virtuosity of the Venetian artists from the renaissance.

    By the touch already, the masterpieces of Zalto differ from all other glasses. We can at once notice the perfect balance - glasses are delicate and elegant.

  • Inao

    The wine glass must be sober, clear, smooth and fine. The calice or cup, party receiving the liquid. Its upper edge, the drinking, should be fine to promote good contact with the lips of the mouth. The button is the kind of weld joining the chalice in the leg. Leg shorter or longer, is the part that is grasped for drinking. Finally, the base which ensures the stability of the assembly.